Reaching ARIES

Kathgodam is the nearest railway station - 35 km from Nainital - which is connected by broad gauge to Delhi and Lucknow. Some of the important train connections from Kathgodam: Bagh Express (daily-Howrah), Ranikhet Express (daily-Delhi), Sampark Kranti Express (daily-Delhi). Nainital Express (daily-Lucknow), Kumaon Express (daily-Mathura) are connected from Lal Kuan by meter gauge. Lal Kuan a place 50 km. from Nainital.

Nainital is connected by road to major centers of northern India, some of the major road distances are: Agra - 379 km. , Delhi - 277 km. and Bareilly - 141 km.


Tip for using taxi from Kathgodam-ARIES: Once you reach at Kathgodam railways station, you can also take taxi to ARIES, which taxi drivers usually know as Observatory. For ARIES, there is bifurcation road on Kathgodam-Nainital high way, 6 km before reaching Nainital. The bifurcation road is about 3km, because of which, some time taxi driver charge Rs 25-50 extra for Kathgodam-ARIES as compare to Kathgodam-Nainital. The typical share basis taxi fair may be around Rs 75-100, and full taxi may cost around Rs 250-400 (also highly vary depending on the number of tourist visiting Nainital).
Institute bus service is also available from Nainital bus stand to ARIES, the bus timings are 8.30 AM, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM (last).

Hope it will be useful and see the map below: The road shown 87 is 'National Highway 87' to Nainital, and the the ARIES location ia shown. [You may drag and zoom the map] 

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